Thursday, January 14, 2010

My favorite films in 2009

Five Films I really enjoyed watching:
1. Man on Wire
2. Slumdog
3.Good by Lenin
4. Grizzly Man
5. Buena Vista Social Club

And I am in Quito and watch films from Germany. Guess witch are from there. It is easy to buy them here on DVD. Incredible how much video shops they have here.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Nomaden auf Zeit

Our travel blog is called "Nomaden auf Zeit". That is german and means nomads for a while, or something like that. With our two sons are we travelling around the world. Since August 2008.

And here you find it:

Videos are on

Some photos

And our travel map

All the countries I've traveled

visited 64 states (28.4%)
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The countries I have lived in for two month or more while traveling longtime (three years and two years):


Australia (11 month)

In Germany I live when I don't travel.

And yes, I know, far to much red on this map. In many countrys, like Russia or Jemen, I have only been in one corner or island.