Wednesday, September 25, 2013

UFO on a tower - or a symbol from Lünen

Lüntec-Tower and office building in the technology park, Lünen, yesterday

A former winding tower from the coal mine from 1922. Now the symbol from the Lüntec technology park. Mining stopped in 1992, the capsule on top was build in 1995 and the technolgy park opend as part of the structural change in the Ruhr district (German Ruhrgebiet).

Popularly called Colani-Ei, after the designer Luigi Colani and the egg-shape. Or it is called UFO. Seen from a distance it does actually look like.

I posted a lot of pictures from this "UFO tower" before, all with the label UFO

but for the first time I took this view with the sign

more at Lesleys signs, signs

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

One more morning view

Found this one is different from the hundreds I posted here before. Straight from the tab (next time I bring the big camera). Right now. But it is an advantage to publish from the train, while I wait to continue my way to work.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

ABC Wednesday - H is for ...

... Hauptbahnhof. Huch, that is German for main station.
While on my way to work this morning I was thinking about ABC Wednesday. Every day I change the train here and shout lots of photos, more on the platform, you know. This is straight from the tab.