Thursday, December 30, 2010

Rhine Orange

August, 2010

We passed this sculpture while traveling by canoe on the river Rhine from the Lake Constance (close to the source). The last leg from our big travel.

From Wikipedia (extract):
Rheinorange (Rhine Orange) is the name of a sculpture erected in Duisburg-Neuenkamp in 1992 at the point where the Ruhr flows into the Rhine at 'Rheinkilometer 780', i.e. 780 km from the source of the Rhine. It was constructed from steel by the sculptor Lutz Fritsch from Köln.

It is 25 m tall, 7 m wide and 1 m thick, and weights 83 tonnes. The name Rheinorange is actually a play on words. It sounds like Reinorange (pure orange) which is a color under the RAL classification system.

The sculpture is intended to form a landmark. The mouth of the river, the largest inland harbour in Europe, the most important steel district in Europe, a base for technology with a future, the Lehmbruck-Museum as an important gallery for modern sculpture in Europe, are all intended to be connected with each other in representing aspects of the economic and cultural life of Duisburg.

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bitingmidge said...

Carola, wishing you and your family all the best for 2011, perhaps our paths will cross one day!

Your photos are an inspiration to us. Cheers, Peter

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