Wednesday, August 15, 2012

ABC Wednesday - E is for ...

In Nuevo Rocafuerte, on the Rio Napo, Ecuador, January 2010.


this village is 12 hours away from the next town, only reachable by boat, close to the border to Peru

Thomas with a local girl

the shop

Linked to ABC Wednesday and Ecuador is my choice for E.


Maurice Lauher said...

Great photographs - thanks for sharing your world

carol l mckenna said...

Your photography is always excellent and so informative ~ (A Creative Harbor)

Unknown said...

Sobering photos, Carole. Although your photos are excellent and heart warming, it can't be easy to live there!

joanne said...

Sometimes it's difficult to see poverty rampant in parts of the world, but the populace does what it has to for survival....there is no other choice

Roger Owen Green said...

is it amazingly hot there, too, being on the equator and all?

ROG, ABC Wednesday team