Wednesday, December 26, 2012

ABC Wednesday - X is for ...

The Texas star
Entering from Louisiana on the Interstate 12

on the road to the Gulf Coast

in Gilchrist

on the Hw 87

Signs of the devastation from  hurricane Ike (2008) near Gilchrist


Andreas in the Houston Space Center

Thomas on the wheel

lots of traffic in Houston, don't miss the eXit

TacoXpress in Austin, really great food, in an awesome atmosphere

TacoXpress again

My family

A former RV park, now we had all the places on our own, with some photogenic surrounding

In San Ygnacio, close to the Mexican border
So for this weeks ABC Wenesday my X is a tour in TeXas. Photos from our road trip across (north to south) the USA in 2009.

In the big cities we did some awesome couchsurfing in the homes from wonderful people. That really gave us an inside in Texan life. And on the road we found fantastic places to pitch the tent.

Linked to signs, signs. I have no idea from which place the distances on the guidepost are?


Roger Owen Green said...

xcellent tour of the Lone Star State!
ROG, ABC Wednesday team

MaR said...

Loved the tour, thanks!

Happy holidays ~ X is for...

carol l mckenna said...

Xcellent photo tour for X ~

Happy Holidays ^_^

(A Creative Harbor aka artmusedog and Carol ^_^)

Jim said...


Gemma Wiseman said...

Intriguing indoor and outdoor scenes! So tragic to see that devastated home just abandoned!

Leslie: said...

Thanx for the road trip to TeXas! I've always wanted to see Houston, Dallas, and Galveston! Oh yes, also San Antonio.

abcw team

Oakland Daily Photo said...

I really like seeing my country through the eyes of a visitor. Your "road" shots are really cool. I'm always impressed with how relaxed and happy your kids seem on these trips.

liebeslottchen said...

Mal wieder eine tolle Sammlung von wunderschönen Bildern! Das erst gefällt mir besonders gut- aber auch das von der staubigen Straße!
Hatte mal wieder ein wenig Zeit, auf deinen blog zu schauen- auch wenn es damit zu tun hat, das ich mich vor der Arbeit drücke!^^