Wednesday, February 23, 2011


My son Thomas with nomadic gold-hunters. Several families live along the Indus River in tents. We met those people while walking a street and waiting for a possibility to hitchhike to Astor.
The surrounding mountains are stunning (from this point the Nanga Parbat is visible). The Indus runs through this rough stone "desert". But get in touch with these people was a highlight.

To travel with small children was easy for us. One thing is important: Time. Time to adapt.

Karakorum, Pakistan, March 2009.


joco said...

The faces in this post and the previous one, are so wonderful and again your pictures flawless.
I am trying to decide whether you are using nikon or canon.

Carola said...

These people and these mountains are just awesome for pictures.
You will be surprised: I'm using a small camera, a Casio EX-Z1080.
While traveling with two kids and carrying everything with us, we deceided that most important is the weight and size of our camera.
My husband and I had both this camera on this trip.

Anonymous said...

I am surprised.
The clarity is amazing.
And yes, I bet every ounce counts.
What a life to look back on for your children.