Thursday, April 28, 2011

Tropical cloud – and the jungle

In Nuevo Rocafuerte, on the Rio Napo, Ecuador, January 2010.
The Rio Napo is a tributary to the Amazon River. It rises in Ecuador.

To get an idea from the Amazon Rainforest we followed the Rio Napo down to the vast Amazon, from the town Francisco de Orellana (or better known as Coca) in Ecuador, all the way to Belem in Brasil. For tansportation we used different local ships. Across the jungle.

Crossing the Peruvian border in a dug-out

The Cabo Pantoja is ready for leaving. In Pantoja, the border town, Peru.
If you are looking for an adventure, that' it.

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Jim said...

Awesome cloud. Beautiful.
Sydney - City and Suburbs

Randy said...

That sky is so amazing. I'll bet it was a wonderful trip.

Karen said...

A spectacular sky shot...gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful clouds...looks like our Sierra Wave cloud formations...

forgetmenot said...

Wow, that is an awesome looking sky--very beautiful. Mickie :)