Monday, November 11, 2013

Moving stairway #4

Our World Tuesday is full of contrast

This is my favorite photo from the series. It reflects the contrast from going to the big city every day for work and my favorite free time activity spend in the forest. 

I like my work with people, manly children. And I like to visit the library and reading is one of my favorite while I commute or stay at home.

On the other side I like to go trekking, carry all my gear with me and sleep in the tent, the only people around me belong to my family. I get drinking water from little creeks, feel the wind, hear the sound of nature and breath deeply.


Anonymous said...

this is an amazing shot and the meaning behind too is wonderful ~ thanks, happy week to you ~ carol, xxx

Laura said...

what fantastic photo… so wonderful how it reveals insight into your life.

lisa lewicki hermanson said...

What a cool shot -
Eyecatching !!

Fun60 said...

Your perfect reflection then.