Tuesday, February 12, 2013

ABC Wednesday - E is for ...

In in the south of Etiopia, between Moyale and Konso, our bus made a brake and we had a look around.
Me with Thomas

we travelled with this blue bus

between Jinka and Arba Minch

market in Konso

our hotel in Turmi, May 2010
 This is my contribution to ABC Wednesday. The letter is E, E for East Africa, and especially here Ethiopia.

While preparing this post, I found so much more photos I would like to show you. Hope to find some time soon.

Thanks for all your comments in the previos post! It really keeps me blogging. Sorry I'm so bad in responding.


Roger Owen Green said...

colorful outfits

ROG, ABC Wednesday team


Wonderful photoseries and looks like a wonderful adventure too! A perfect choice for letter E.

Berowne said...

Very enjoyable...

SRQ said...

Interesting photos. It must have been an eye opening trip visiting Ethiopia. Good one for the letter E.