Monday, March 24, 2014

Happy people at work

Do you see that they have fun? The man in the middle is kicking an empty bottle away.

Hope your week is full of fun, with nice workmates to laugh together.
 It's not often that I ask people at work for a picture, but theses guys were so lively, I did. Me taking pictures caused even more laughing. Very untypical reactions in Germany.
I took this while on my way to work with some spare time and it reminded me on situations while traveling.

Our World Tuesday


carol l mckenna said...

How delightful that you added to the workers shared feelings of joy by taking their photo ~ a win/win! ~ Great shot for OWT ~ xxx

artmusedog and carol

Karen said...

Working outside in nice weather would be quite enjoyable.

Fun60 said...

I would love to take more pictures of people at work but I am too embarrassed to ask. They obviously enjoyed being asked to pose for you.