Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A is for America

San Cristobal Frontera,Guatemala, November 2009.

Many trucks go trans America and have to wait at the border between Guatemala and El Salvador.
We drove down from Canada to Panama. Border crossings in Central America with our car were never easy. With little spanish, a lot of paper works (sometimes in five different offices) and many non authorized people waiting for us (we don't use agents at all). But it was always an experience, a first look on the new country, a surprise.
And while we had to wait there, it was a great opportunity for photography.

This is my first contribution to the ABC Wednesday.

And of course I wonder why A is for all continents except Europe.


Joy said...

Borders, strange places. Best to pass the time looking where trucks are from, although must admit I have the nerdish habit of doing that all the time.
Welcome and happy to see you on ABC Wednesday

ABC Wednesday Team

Kris McCracken said...

I hope that he only uses the hammock when the truck is stopped!

Roger Owen Green said...

Doing what it takes, I guess.

welcome to ABC wednesday; please come again.

ROG, ABC Wednesday team

Randy said...

What a great shot! Hey when you need to rest.

Elizabeth said...

Fabulous picture - love the hammock. x

mrsnesbitt said...

Welcome aboard the happy bus we call ABC Wednesday I sincerely hope you will enjoy your journey with us. You will be amazed by the diversity and creativity of the fellow bloggers who contribute
Thanks so much
ABC Team