Friday, January 14, 2011


Tulameen, between Hope and Princeton, British Columbia, Canada, June 2009.

With 250 permanent residents it's a pretty small place.

While walking across BC, we followed a forest service road, Lawless Creek Rd, for some days and came to this nice place. In a small shop (trading post) we could get some food and a newspaper.

Some kilometers after Tulameen a car stopped and a friendly woman asks as with a big smile: "Do you like an icecream, it is so hot today?"
And we got a huge one, so delicious. She saw us before walking and came back with this surprise.

When someone in Europe ask me about Canada, beside the beautiful natur, I tell them our story, an example for so many great contacts we had with Canadians.

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Randy said...

I love all the trees!