Thursday, April 21, 2011

Typical german

Verkehrshof (terminal) Lünen-Brambauer, it's the end from the tram line U41. April 2011.

I find this kind of public transport is typical german.
For many Germany is famous for cars. But the public transport here is outstanding. That's what I realy like. I try to go as much as possible by tram, train or sometimes by bus. Each work day I spend around two hours in this system. With the car it would be around one and a half. That doesn't matter, because it is environmentally friendly and cheaper. And this time is my time. I enjoy to read.

Carola Bartz with her series Made in Germany inspired me for this post.

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Carola Bartz said...

I wish we had public transportation here the way we do in Germany. Without a car you really can't do that much in the US of America. It's annoying. Everybody takes the car, and the worst time is around drop-off and pick-up time at the schools because every child is chauffeured to school except for those who live far enough away from school to be elligible for taking the yellow school bus. Not many walk... I know parents who live less than a mile from school and drive their kids to school every day. How sad is that?
Thank you for linking to "Made in Germany"!