Monday, January 2, 2012


S-Bahn (s-train), Dortmund, December 2011
Every working day I use the S-Bahn. And I like it. The new trains go quite and normally they are not crowded. I get a seat and like to read in a book. When the book is good, I have to watch out, I ones missed my destination Bochum-Langendreer.
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KB said...

I love reading too.

My OWT is up too.

Happy New Year from New Zealand.

Randy said...

That is too funny. Missing a stop sounds like something I would do.

Kay L. Davies said...

European transportation systems are wonderful. I like the bright color of this one.

Arija said...

So easy to miss your stop not just when you are reading but also when you are dreaming out the window.. The S-Bahn is a good and fast rail link, much better than relying on finding a parking spot where you don't get fined.