Friday, December 17, 2010

Snow - and more snow

On my way to work, today

Usually I only make my photos smaller, otherwise I tell you. So colors here are how they are after shooting.

Yesterday was supposed to be a chaos day here in the Ruhr Area in Germany with lots of snow. School closed earlier, everybody was talking about snow (is some ice coming, a storm?).

And in the afternoon it was snowing, snowing, and snowing. More than normally.

I was walking with my little son, and that was fun. Great to put the feet in deep powder snow. Only few other people outside. All so quit. And snow all around, like magic.

In the Harz Mountains, where I grew up, there is always snow from November until March, or even longer. And it is normal that the snow gets higher and higher on the side of the street. People there are used to loads of snow. No one is talking about chaos.


Randy said...

What a beautiful photograph. We are hoping to see more before Christmas. Enjoy your Sunday!

Carola said...

Thanks Randy! Your comments are always a pleasure for me.