Sunday, December 26, 2010

Still Christmas

Last year in a house in Quito, Ecuador

Two years ago Christmas on the stage, in a church, in Kozhikode (Calicut), Kerala, India

While on our long travel we spend the last two Christmas in other places.

2008 we stayed in India and we were invited to a church to a christmas celebration. A long, varied and happy celebration, parts in malayalam, the local language, parts in english. With music and theater play. Every child got a present, so did my boys.

2009 in Quito we did couchsurfing and spend Christmas Eve together with all the family from our couchsurfer. Not contemplative, more like a big party, but with lots of presents for everbody.


Randy said...

Great photos Carola. I'm curious where your travels will take you next.

Carola said...

Where next, that is a question.
Between every longtime travel, we have to work, our kids get some institutional education, and we need time to prepare. That will take some years.
Maybe we do some small adventure trips here. Like this one: (post from 27th August)
and some more pics on my post from the 28th August.