Monday, December 27, 2010

Street vendor

In front of a pharmacy, Esteli, Nicaragua, November 2009

In two years traveling we took around 35 000 photos. It's now hard work to get the best out of it. So sometimes I find something interesting for my blog.

While browsing through our travel pictures my look fell on these two pics. My husband took them, and I have never before seen them. I think they show in an originally way the street life in Nicaragua. Just like every vendor, he has two promote his products: "mas fuerte, vive colors".

While driving south from Canada to Panama with our old car, we stopped in Esteli. A town in the north of Nicaragua, with relaxed people and a friendly atmosphere. We really liked it and stayed longer than we thought. And it was easy to stroll around, look, and take a lot of photos.

I will not forget: Some trouble with a tooth, I was anxious if I would have to speak spanish with the dentist, because my knowledge is rudimentary. Luckily I found a young man who had worked two years in the USA and his practice was well equiped. He did a perfect job. No more pain. This moments make long time travel very special.

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Randy said...

These are great shots!